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Servo motor agent Continental Electric launched the "Quality Month" event in September 2018

Servo motor agent Continental Electric launched the "Quality Month" event in September 2018

To be a good company, you must first do a good job. This is the philosophy that Continental Electric has always insisted on. In order to implement ISO9001 "Quality Management and Quality Assurance System", we will promote the improvement of the company's products and work quality, enhance the quality awareness, practice the spirit of craftsmanship, and strive to provide more high-quality products for users. In September of this year, the company launched the “Quality Month” activity throughout the company with the theme of “Proactively for the market and solving problems for customers”.

On the basis of publicity and mobilization, the event actively carried out quality training, experience exchange, seminars, competitions and promotion activities; specially formulated the “Quality Management Regulations”, which were studied, publicized and officially implemented in the quality month; The management concept and method, in the form of QC group, focus on key products and key issues; the company will also strengthen communication with customers, further understand customer needs, strengthen communication with suppliers, and further enhance raw materials, components, The quality of incoming materials allows customers and suppliers to grow and progress together. At the same time, we also require all departments to think about their own work and put forward their own opinions and suggestions with the theme of “actively solving problems for the market and solving problems for customers”.

At the mobilization meeting on the first day of September, the company's leaders first explained the background and reasons for the “quality month”. Then pointed out: If you want to do a good job, you have to do a good job. As for the evaluation work done well, three criteria are given: First, we must clarify the definition of the results of our work. The definition of the result of our work is the understanding and satisfaction of the market and customer needs. The compliance of work processes and product standards is to create value for the company. Second, is it to do things with care? People who are attentive will not be satisfied with the surface work, work will take the initiative, do not shirk the matter, have the responsibility to bear; third, is it doing things efficiently? If there is a problem, it will be solved. There is no procrastination. Today is the day! Study the problem, ponder the work, pay attention to the details, and have the spirit of artisans.

The company put forward five requirements for the development of September Quality Month: 1. More pragmatic, less pragmatic; 2. Strict words, excellent rewards and penalties, and rewards and lazy; 3, combined with the spirit of the notice, included in the weekly plan, monthly plan, Implemented in stages; 4. Everything speaks with data, and the results speak; 5. Persevere, truly improve the quality of our work and improve the quality of our products!

The company's management department has also carefully planned and arranged various related activities. After the mobilization meeting, each employee actually felt the atmosphere and requirements of the quality month. Everyone said that they would actively participate in this quality month event, be serious and implement in the work, and achieve "quality awareness in the heart, product quality in the hands" Actively solve problems for the market, solve problems for customers, let them grow, and create greater value for the company.