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Continental's "Wind and Light Complementary Power Generation System" core technology opens up market awareness

The wind-solar hybrid power generation system utilizes the complementarity of wind energy and solar energy resources and has broad market prospects. Inverter technology is one of the core of the system, and the inverter performance and stability are not good, which not only directly affects the efficiency of power generation, but also affects Safety has always been valued by the majority of users.

Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd. has been developing and manufacturing wind turbines and inverters for more than ten years. Its small wind turbines are deeply loved by users for its stable quality, excellent performance, simple and beautiful appearance and easy installation. The domestic market share of 300W wind turbines, 500W wind turbines, 1000W wind turbines and 1500W wind turbines has been among the best.

Continental Electric's

Continental Electric's wind-solar hybrid power generation system has been widely used in the market in recent years, and has a high market share and market popularity in the western regions such as Inner Mongolia. With the technical foundation and accumulation of the company's industrial automation products for many years, the research and development of inverter technology and products have made breakthroughs, and the supporting inverters have been widely used. The company has 28 patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights. At the end of 2017, Continental Electric was approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Bureau to establish the “Jiangsu Province Wind and Solar Complementary Micro-inverter Grid-connected/Off-grid Power Generation System Engineering Technology Research Center”. This is an important milestone in the implementation of the company's “Innovation Leads Development” strategy.

Continental's main products cover the two major areas of electric drive, industrial control and new energy power generation. The main products of new energy power generation are: small wind turbines, medium wind turbines, off-grid inverters, grid-connected inverters, photovoltaic inverters, wind-solar complementary inverters, inverter control integrated machines, photovoltaic water lifting Control system, wind and solar hybrid power generation system, etc. The establishment of “Wind and Light Complementary Micro-inverter Grid-connected/Off-grid Power Generation System Engineering Technology Center” is mainly based on the good management, R&D system and rich development and operation experience established by the company in the field for many years, and related Master of core technology.

The overall goal of the Engineering Technology Center is to keep up with the wind and solar complementary grid/off-grid power generation technology at home and abroad, master the latest product trends, and lead the industry to develop together; to achieve the domestic advanced level as the standard, each achievement strives to shorten the area with advanced areas. The gap; the operation of the center is located in the domestic wind-solar hybrid power generation industry, which not only solves some technical problems existing in the enterprise, but also mainly studies some common problems in the industry. At the same time, a pilot test base was established at the production base of Eurotherm to test the performance parameters of the prototype after the completion of the pilot test.
There is no end to innovation. Continental Electric will be market-oriented, aiming at cutting-edge technology and leading the development of the industry, creating value for customers!