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General inverter parameter class failure, do you know what to do?

General inverter parameter class faults Do you know how to deal with it? What are the faults of the inverter parameter class? How to deal with these faults? The following is the analysis and processing of the inverter parameter faults by the inverter manufacturer Xiaobian. Let's take a look together.

Commonly used general-purpose inverters , generally when the factory leaves, the manufacturer has a default value for each parameter, these parameters are called factory values. In the case of these parameter values, the user can operate normally in panel operation, but the panel operation does not meet the requirements of most transmission systems. Therefore, before using the inverter correctly, the user should make the following parameters from the following aspects:

(1) Confirm the motor parameters. The inverter sets the power, current, voltage, speed and maximum frequency of the motor in the parameters. These parameters can be directly obtained from the motor nameplate.

(2) The control mode adopted by the inverter, namely speed control, torque control, PID control or other means. After the control method is adopted, it is generally required to perform static or dynamic identification according to the control precision.

(3) Set the startup mode of the inverter. Generally, the inverter is set to start from the panel at the factory. The user can select the startup mode according to the actual situation. You can use the panel, external terminal, communication mode and so on.

(4) For the selection of the given signal, the frequency of the general inverter can also be given in various ways. The panel is given, the external reference, the external voltage or current is given, the communication mode is given, and of course the frequency of the inverter is given. It can also be the sum of one or several of these ways. After the above parameters are correctly set, the inverter can basically work normally. If you want better control effect, you can only modify the relevant parameters according to the actual situation.

2, the processing of parameter setting class failure

Once the parameter setting class fault occurs, the inverter can not operate normally. Generally, the parameters can be modified according to the manual. If the above is not possible, it is best to restore all the parameters to the factory defaults, and then reset according to the above steps. For each company's inverter, the parameter recovery method is different.

Do you understand the analysis and processing of the faults of the parameter classes of the inverters summarized in Xiaobian?